Whether you have done no racing before or are very experienced we would love to get you involved. Our main event is the Varsity Races against Cambridge on the Varsity Trip in March, where we field both Men's and Women's Blues Teams, alongside 2nd and 3rd Men's and Women's Teams. 

Race Training

For those of you who can’t wait to hit the slopes after a long summer vacation we run weekly race training sessions on Monday evenings at an indoor Snow Centre, typically Hemel Hempstead or Milton Keynes. These are a great chance to brush up on your racing skills in time for Varsity or just to try your hand at slalom skiing if you’ve never raced before. Qualified coaches will provide guidance on improving your race techniques whether you are a racing beginner or expert. This year prices may vary as we move between venues to accommodate changes due to COVID-19, but rest assured the club is working hard to make these as affordable as possible. 

OUSSC also runs summer race training camps to Europe, so check out the trips page for more info.


Throughout term time there will be multiple fitness sessions either in College spaces or outdoors at University Parks, open to all. Sessions will include outdoor circuits, spinning and some fun games such as frisbee.

Blue's Performance Scheme - University scheme to support Blues athletes by providing conditioning training, nutrition, education and injury treatment.


Our main event is the Varsity match against Cambridge on the Varsity Trip in December, where we field both Men's and Women's Blues Teams along with a 2nds and 3rds Men's and 2nd Women's Teams. We also represent Oxford at the British University Alpine Championships (BUCS) over Easter in competitions disciplines including: slalom, giant slalom, super G and skier X. During term time BUiSC is held, an inter-university indoor competition featuring a team dual slalom.


If you are a beginner to racing then Cuppers is the event for you, the inter-collegiate competition is held mid-week on Varsity Trip. The race is a dual slalom where two teams of 4 race side by side in tense relay to take the trophy. The winning college from Oxford them competes against Cambridge for the overall title, and in previous years has offered impressive prizes such as quality spirits, an off-piste day, and Oxford ball tickets for each team member. 

All members are invited to attend and trial for the teams, you don't need to be an experienced racer to compete!

Blues Criteria

As a Discretionary Full Blue sport, committed athletes involved with the Men's or Women's First VI are eligible for a Half Blue or Discretionary Full Blue. The criteria are outlined below:

Men's Full Blue (Maximum 2 per year)

1) Place 1st overall at the Varsity Races


2) Place in the top 10 at BUCS Championships


3) Place in the top 15 at BUCS Championships and in the top 3 at the Varsity Races


4) Have <150 FIS points

Men's Half Blue

1) Be a member of the Men's First VI


2) Place in the top 4 Oxford racers in either SL or GS at the Varsity Races

A further 2 Half Blues may be awarded at the captain's discretion, for a maximum of 6.

Women's Full Blue (Maximum 2 per year)

1) Place in the top 3 overall at the Varsity Races


2) Place 1st in either SL or GS at the Varsity Races


3) Place in the top 5 at BUCS Championships

Women's Half Blue

1) Be a member of the Women's First VI


2) Place in the top 8 in either SL or GS at the Varsity Races

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email one of the captains!

Minimum Standards

OUSSC strives to make skiing and snowboarding accessible and to provide opportunity for everyone to discover the incredible world of snowsports. We must however respect the minimum requirements enforced by the snow centres within the UK and ask that by participating in OUSSC training trips you are able to:

  • Control Speed & Direction

  • Perform Linked Turns

  • Stop When Required

  • Use a Button Lift Unassisted

Trip booking and social events invites will be sent out via the mailing list and are advertised heavily on our social media channels. 

To join the mailing list, send a blank email to the address below

and follow the instructions you receive.