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Book Training

Booking Procedures

Race Training ~ 15 spaces  - Announced via mailing list or keep an eye on the Oxford University Ski and Snowboard Club QPay 

Park Nights~ 5 spaces - Announced via mailing list

Fitness Sessions (Flexible) - No restrictions on booking

Social Events - Announced via mailing list


We are always in need of drivers for trips to snow centres please email if you are interested.

  • Discounted session (payment organised individually)

  • Early booking (Monday 9 am)

  • Guaranteed space

  • Hire car / own car (refund of expenses)


Requirements for car hire 

You must hold a full, clean, UK category B (car)/EU driving license for a minimum of 1 year and have driven with in this time. There is no age restriction.

Minimum Standards

OUSSC strives to make skiing and snowboarding accessible and to provide opportunity for everyone to discover the incredible world of snowsports. We must however respect the minimum requirements enforced by the snow centres within the UK and ask that by participating in OUSSC training trips you are able to:

  • Control Speed & Direction

  • Perform Linked Turns

  • Stop When Required

  • Use a Button Lift Unassisted


We determine refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Drivers who fail to collect hire cars will not be refunded and will be barred from club activities pending a review.

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