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Varsity Trip

Varsity Trip 2023: 2-9 December 2023, Racer's Package: 30 November - 9 December in Tignes. 
101st year of the Varsity Race: 5th December 2023.

If you've always dreamt of competing for your university in a Varsity team, we recommend booking the Racer's Package! Racers leave Oxford on the afternoon of November 30th to fly out to the resort and get three days of training in before trying out for the University Team. The package includes 15 hrs of race training to increase your chances of shoeing the tabs! You are still able to trial for the teams if you are not on the racers package, and you don't need to have raced before, but the package is definitely a way to get a lot of experience in a short timeframe! Base price for Racer's Package this year is around £650 + transportation, + rental equipment.

All racers live in the same accommodation block in Tier 1 accommodation. Trials will be held on Monday, 4th December, with the Races taking place on Tuesday. After that, all the Racer's will have the opportunity to attend the exclusive Racers' Dinner and enjoy the VIP treatment at the aprés during the medals ceremony.


To book on the Racer's Package, you will need an early booking code, so please register your interest through this form so we can send you the code once booking opens. Please get in touch with either of the race captains Maxance, Sonya and/or Eva for more information on competing at Varsity.


The varsity freestyle competition will occur during the main week of the trip (snow depending) so we recommend booking the main base package, you will be able to practice in the park before the varsity match. No freestyle experience necessary! Please get in touch with Dan, the Freestyle Captain, for more information on competing at Varsity.

Recreational Skiiers

OUSSC focuses on the Racing and Freestyle aspect of skiing and snowboarding, but their is room for all abilities on the main  Varsity Trip. Please contact your College Rep to find out more information. Click the image below to go to their site. 

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